Time Traveler Luke. Italy. The Last Day of Pompei

Country, year: South Korea, 2020
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Time: 57'
Target: 6 - 12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.02.2021
International educational project about world history and culture, created in a current and trend-setting «Edutainment» format
Luke travels to Pompei to protect the Statue of the Faun from Indiana and meets the little girl Mia, who tries to protect the statue which hold dear memories of her mother and father. But as soon as the statue is safe, Pompei's volcano erupts, putting Mia in grave danger. Luke repeats his time travels to save Mia but learns that it is out of his bounds to interfere in the ways of life. In the end, Luke and Jean help Mia realize her father's true love, a memory that will remain forever in Luke's heart.