“Time traveler Luke” Hits View Rating Top after Release in South Korea

“Time traveler Luke” has been released on KBS 1TV and SK Btv in South Korea. The show has quickly reached the first place in the channels’ view ratings.

This outstanding project has been jointly created by the South Korean Anyzak, SK Broadband, Dawon Media and the Malaysian Giggle Garage studio. The story unfolds as the little bellboy and his friends travel to different countries and epochs to save the cultural relics of the past. Based on the up-to-date edutainment principles, the animated series aim to kindle children’s natural interest to the world’s history and culture.

The project has aroused profound interest among media-distributors in Europe and the North America. The animated series producers are convinced that Luke will soon appear on screens in many countries and will confidently win children’s hearts all over the world.

Based on news at KBS 1TV http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/enter/ttl/pc/index.html