“Time Traveler Luke” to be broadcast in Greece

The Greek Smile TV has announced the series’ release on its YouTube channel. The first episode is set to premier on the 5th of October.

“Time Traveler Luke” is a Korean animation project aimed at international distribution through leading children's entertainment and educational platforms. The series reveals adventures of a little bellboy Luke, who travels in time to save the cultural legacy ​​of different countries.

The producers are confident that closed borders and difficulties with air traffic in 2020 are not the reason to deny kids an exciting journey. The series allow children and their parents to travel the world together with the cartoon characters! Luke and his friends will visit Peru, Russia, Egypt and Great Britain, see ancient China and the Roman Empire.

The project integrates the "entertainment + education" principle which helps children develop their horizons and boosts their interest in the world’s culture and history. This year, the series has already appeared on the leading TV channels in South Korea and immediately reached the top in view ratings.

Based on Smile TV Greece announcement  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hse-eqESSNM