Time Traveler Luke. Greece. Treasurers of the History

Country, year: South Korea, 2020
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Time: 80'
Target: 6 - 12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.02.2021
International educational project about world history and culture, created in a current and trend-setting «Edutainment» format
Luke heads to Greece in search of the final Astrolabe piece, but finds out of Alan's 'New Eden', a plan to change the past and all of history in order to save humanity from its destiny of destruction. Luke brings together his friends from the past to stop 'New Eden' and finally completes the Astrolabe. The Astrolabe points to Paul's location, which is future New York, Time Square. Luke takes one final time travel to time and space, which Alan controls fiercely to stop Luke. Luke defeats Alan and saves Paul, returning safely to the present. But Luke realizes through all his experience time traveling that time travel is not something to mess with and destroys the time travelling elevator's core. With the technology to time travel destroyed, Luke and his friends proceed to a bright tomorrow.