Time Traveler Luke. Peru. The Lost City of the Incas

Country, year: South Korea, 2020
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Time: 57'
Target: 6 - 12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.02.2021
International educational project about world history and culture, created in a current and trend-setting «Edutainment» format
Luke and Jean travel to Peru to guard the 'sacred water'. He then meets the Accla, Laura, who is in a quest to find the sacred water and cure her villagers from a infectious disease. But Indiana's true objective was the Tumi, a Peru relic, and that the Tumi is needed along with the sacred water to save the villagers. After a hard fought victory in Machu Picchu, our heroes retrieve both the relic and the water, curing Laura's villagers. Luke sees Indiana's Black Elevator and learns there is someone else behind the scenes. Luke also learns that Paul is not travelling in time but is in fact lost and wandering in time.