CLS Media was founded in 2012 as an independent structure within Carmen Film Group of companies for realization of promo licenses, and also for organization of marketing and advertising campaigns to support theatrical releases and video distribution. In 2013 company bought all media and licensing rights on VROOMIZ and started active promoting of this brand within former USSR countries. In 2014 company left GC and started its independent activity extending package of licenses and media rights. At the same time it was created television and new-media rights distribution department. Nowdays CLS Media realizes the whole scope of audiovisual and licensing rights providing comprehensive solutions and complex measures by means of using maximum opportunities of each brand and audiovisual content in optimal combination. CLS Media is a company of high motivated and self-conceited professionals with working experience in different spheres of show business, theatrical distribution, marketing, publishing and distribution.


From the very beginning the main purpose of CLS Company is a careful choice of potential brands and quality content for kids and a attentive approach to localization, distribution and promotion of the brands within the Russian market. The company confidently creates and promotes new independent brands with long-term potential to maximize realization of all the opportunities. CLS Media provides for the high level of presence of each brand in the maximum possible number of categories, products and services by means of individual approach to each right-holder, product and brand and by effective management of the whole license package. We unite interests of the all participants of the license market. Long-term program of licensing takes into consideration the whole range of information, marketing and advertising shares for supporting of our projects and partners. The company always participates in all the main industrial exhibitions and events in Russia and abroad.


CLS Media is being an all media distribution company. High quality programs and series for family and kids audience, including animated series, feature films and documentaries take a special place in the catalog of the company. CLS Media company consistently collaborates with all TV channels, new media platforms and Internet cinemas. Our main goal is to forming of licensed market of media content on the planet Earth. The company participates in all main exhibitions and film markets and festival in Russia and abroad