Country, year: South Korea, 2020
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Time: 52 x 13'
Target: 6 - 12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.06.2021
International educational project about world history and culture, created in a current and trend-setting «Edutainment» format
"Starts Hotel", this hotel is known as the mecca of travelers, since all the stories and traditional relics around the world gather here. Paul, the owner and founder of the hotel has been travelling history using the secret Time Traveling Elevator hidden behind the bookshelf in his study to save the relics of the world in danger. One day, Paul's got trapped in time during his time traveling journey. Luke, the grandson of Paul notices about this mysterious elevator and commences his time traveling journey trying to find his grandfather Paul, with the new mission as a 'relic guardian'. But Luke meets Indiana who's also a time traveler. And Indiana wants to snatch all the treasures of the world to get wealth and honor for himself…… Now the fight begins between Luke who tries to save the relics in the world and Indiana who tries to snatch all the relics!!