Sherazade. The Untold Stories

Country, year: Germany, India, Australia, 2017
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Director: Steve Bristow, Andrew Kunzel, Luke Jurevicius
Time: 26 x 24'
Target: 6 - 12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.10.2018
An adventure animated series based on the world-famous fairy tale. Well-loved characters, impressive graphics and an original plotline deliberately fitted to children's audience. Russian dubbing was recored with participation of celebrities.
Welcome to the magical and mystical world of Sherazade - The Untold Stories. Based on the beloved and world famous Arabian Nights stories, this contemporary animated series embarks on a whole new epic adventure! Brave teen Sherazade goes on a quest to help her friend Karim who has been unjustly dethroned by his own brother. An evil spell was cast and he has been turned into a big blue hairy monster! Now the two friends must escape from the Golden City and set off to find a cure for Karim. The journey takes the duo across mystical lands and mysterious islands – full of wizards, mythical creatures and flying carpets. Along the way Sherazade and Karim encounter legendary characters such as Aladin, Sinbad and Ali Baba! Oh, and they even befriend a genie called Halil who serves to guide them. A visually stunning animated series bursting with suspense, excitement and magic, SHERAZADE features lovably larger-than-life heroes, who set out on a courageous quest to save their kingdom and return the rightful Sultan