CLS Media will be distributing media rights of a new animation series about Sherazade

CLS-media and Global Screen have signed a contract under which CLS-media will be distributing media rights of  big, international animation project "Sherazade: The Untold Stories» within the territory of former USSR

The creators of the animated series HAHN FILM took on the courage to present in a new way millenia-old Arabic prose and acquaint the viewer with the unknown to this time the adventures of the famous oriental beauty Sherazade.

Inspired by the world famous Arabic tales "1001 nights", this modern animated series invites the viewer to a new exciting adventure: using realistic and vivid animations plunges into a world of colorful, amazing and mysterious East. Intense visuals, beautiful music and sparkling humor intertwined in the exciting stories of magic and intrigue, honor and friendship.

Throughout the series, we are watching a brave teenage girl Sherazade during her adventures in which she not only assisted her friend Karim to return to his rightful place on the throne and to save the Kingdom from a powerful evil. During their adventures, Sherazade and Karim will meet with wizards, kings, pirates, thieves and strange mythical creatures.

Animation series is targeted for the widest audience. Girls and boys of all ages will be delighted with the magical journey full of surprises, and adults will appreciate dynamic plot, witty dialogues, and interaction of the main characters with bizarre characters. Viewing this series will become a true family entertainment!

The duration of the cartoon is 26 episodes with a timing of 24 minutes each. The budget of the animated series "Sherazade: The Untold Stories" is amounted to almost EUR 8 million.

Already in the near future, CLS-media will begin to localize the project and its preparation for the air. Premieres in Russia are scheduled for the summer of 2018, during the summer holidays. Now there is an active casting period of famous Russian actors who will give their voices to the heroes of this oriental fairy tale. At the end of May 2018 CLS Media plans to present this fully localized project on the TV market WorldContentMarket, which will be held in Moscow.