Big premiere of Sherazade Adventures on Disney Channel!

On January 14 at 19:05 on Disney Channel you can watch the premiere of the exciting animated series "Sherazade: The Untold stories". Together with a smart and brave Sherazade you’ll have to help Prince Karim who was dethroned by his brother and turned into a huge monster by a witch. Accompanied by the courageous heroes you’ll visit faraway lands, make friends with funny Gin Khalil and meet such a legendary characters of oriental tales as Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba.

In the Russian sound version of the project, the characters speak and sing with the voices of famous Russian actors. The charming Sherazade was voiced by the actress and singer Yulia Dovganishina, the inimitable actor Grigory Siyatinda dubbed gin Khalila, and the popular singer Teona Dolnikova sang the title song of the animated series. 

Fearless heroes, unforgettable adventures and catchy music await you in the magical animated series "Sherazade: The Untold Stories" from Monday to Thursday at 19:05 on Disney Channel!


Based on materials from the Disney Channel