“Scherazade. The Untold Stories”. News from the dubbing studio

CLS Media is continuing a painstaking work on the Russian version of the new animated series "Scherazade. The Untold Stories", based on the world-famous fairy tales "Arabian Nights ".

Russian voice of Scherazade was performed by the popular young actress Yulia Dovganishina.

"I thank the creators of this beautiful animated series and the company CLS Media for such an interesting work! The role of Scherazade has always been desirable for me. Since my childhood I was told that I look like an oriental princess. I always loved fairy tales about distant south countries. After dubbing the role of Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" (2017), I consider "Scherazade" is one step up in my professional carrier. The work was voluminous and therefore there were many opportunities to try out my very different acting colors. I wish the project a great success and look forward to its release on the screens !!

Yulia Dovganishina

The role of Khalil, a funny little Jin, was voiced by the inimitable actor Gregory Siyatvinda, and the main song was performed by the Russian theater and film star Teona Dolnikova.

"Scherazade. The Untold Stories"- a big international animation project, which is scheduled for premiere in Russia within autumn 2018...

Just a little time to wait...