Popular actors of theater and cinema will dub new animated series for children "Sherazade. The Untold Stories»

Popular stage actors, performers, and play-actors will take part in the work on Russian sound version of new animated series for children "Sherazade. The Untold Stories». There are such stars among them as Teona Dolnikova, Grigory Siyatvinda, Tatyana Shitova, Yulia Dovganishina, Marianna Savon and others.

"Sherazade. The Untold Stories» - a large-scale international animation project, which is based on the world famous Arabian fairy tales "1001 nights". The creators of the series in an entertaining manner acquaint the audience with the unknown adventures of a young and beautiful girl Sherazade and her friends.  

Karim was a noble prince, dreamed about travels and adventures. But his brother, in collusion with a witch, turns Karim into a terrible monster with a goal to take possession of his throne. Karim lost the throne and was exiled from his Kingdom. They miraculously left the Golden City with the help of Sherazade, and go in search of an antidote: the legendary Tree of Life.