Mega Man Franchise Sales Reached 36 Million

Mega Man franchisor, Capcom, published the financial review for the first two quarters of FY 2020. The document provides general sales figures of the company’s most recognizable brands.

Within the last year Mega Man franchise sales has increased by 1 million while general sales has totalled 36 million copies. And this relates to videogame sales only.

Commercial information is not the only proof of customers’ affection. The number of Mega Man fandoms all over the world show how passionate people can be about the robot-boy. Adults create fan-communities and develop fan-projects while children get carried away with comics and animated series.

Mega Man is usually referred to as Capcom’s mascot owing to the great commercial success he has brought to the company. Within 30 years the character has worked his way from a videogame to multiple animated shows and even a live-action film. Based on this, one can confidently say that Mega Man commercial potential will span for many more decades ahead.

Source: capcom.com