Premiere of the soundtrack of "Power Battle WatchCar" at the concert of "Talisman"

On May 19 the jubilee concert of the Song Theater "Talisman" will take place in the Concert Hall "Planet KVN". This year the children's music group celebrates its 15 years anniversary and invites guests to join this event. The concert program will include hits from the favorite children movies, their own repertoire of songs, as well as soundtracks to popular children's animated series, such as Vroomiz, Duda and Dada, Bubble Marin, Yoohoo, ChichiLand, and others.

The song, specially recorded for the animated series "Power Battle WatchCar", the TV premiere of which was on May 16 on the STS TV channel, will be presented on the stage for the first time.

Evgeny Krylatov, Yuri Entin and other stars are among the invited guests of this event.