CLS MEDIA has acquired the rights to animated series "MOTOFIGHTERS"

CLS MEDIA has acquired the rights to the Chinese animated series "MOTOFIGHTERS" produced by Guangzhou Lingdong Creative Culture Technology. The series consists of 30 episodes of 13 minutes and aimed at children aged 6-12.

Leon and Deni love spinners very much. Although these two brothers have different personalities and often quarrel and like fighting with each other, when they meet powerful enemies, they will put down the competition, help each other, and work together to defeat the enemies.

Dr. Strange is the developer of the Moto/Spin Fighters. He likes their competitive but caring personalities. He takes two brothers as his disciples and recommends them to participate in the competition.

The brothers' dream is to win the national champion of spinner competition. However, the brothers catch Professor Wind's attention.

Professor Wind is a rival of Dr. Strange. To prove that his spinners are more powerful than Dr. Strange’s, he adds a weapon chip into the spinner to increase its power.