YooHoo To The Rescue

Country, year: South Korea, 2019
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Knowledge, Entertaining
Director: Horak Kim, Yong Shik Kim
Time: 52 x 13'
Target: 4 - 8
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.07.2021
The furry rescue team helps protect the wild nature on Earth.
‘YooHoo to the Rescue’ follows the adventures of five animal friends living in the magical forest of YooTopia. In each episode, they travel to Earth to help animals in trouble. When animals on Earth are in danger, the colorful fruits on the Yootopida’s ‘Sparkling Tree’ begin to darken. Then, YooHoo and his crew travel to the Earth through Wonderbug. They use wit and teamwork to help the animals in need.