Duda & Dada. Season 3

Country, year: South Korea, 2021
Genre: Animation, Knowledge, Entertaining, Adventure
Director: Jiyeon Lee, NaeYoung Kwak, Byungsun Choi
Time: 26 x 13'
Target: 3 - 6
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 15.09.2021
New episodes of the popular animation series about wondrous animals that inhabit our planet
Duda, Dada, and their friends are going on an expedition to become friends with wonderful animals in the universal camper 'Pinka.' After the expedition is over, the information of the animal friends you met is uploaded to 'Everyone's Dictionary' and introduced to everyone in the world! Camping in the woods, diving in the sea, and sometimes thrilling adventures in the jungle to increase your curiosity for nature. As you go through becoming friends with animals with strange but interesting characteristics, you realize the wonder of life and have an understanding that allows you to see the world widely.