Psammy Show – Five & It

Psammy Show – Five & It

Country, year:
Ireland, 2020
Adventure, Comedy, Fantastic
Olivier Derynck
52 x 13'
6 - 12
Release date:
The Wish is on!

An animated adventure series produced in association with Disney Germany and Disney France. A vibrant modern interpretation of one of the best-selling classic children's literature pieces.

5 & IT. The Psammy Show is a CGI Animated TV Series 52 X 13’. It follows the adventures and escapades of five children after they unearth and befriend a sand fairy by their Uncle’s beachfront mansion. But the sand fairy in question is a green, vivacious little creature with a big attitude and an even bigger obsession with online shopping! Psammy offers to grant Cyril, Anthea, Jane, Robert and William (Baby) one wish each day. Amazing as it sounds, the children inevitably learn that each wish granted by Psammy will bring unwanted consequences, the effects of which cannot be reversed until the sun sets, or until the kids figure out a way to fix things together, whichever happens quicker!

► A Co-production with Method Animation ,France, Disney Germany and Disney France.

► Based on the famous classic " Five Children & IT " written by Edith Nesbit.

► Show is filled with Friendship, Energy, Humour, Fantasy Adventure and magic.