Country, year: South Korea, 2016
Genre: Documentary, Science - Knowledge
Director: Hyung-Joon KIM
Time: 5 x 50'
1. Число небес, 50'
2. Бесконечность. Лестница Иакова, 50'
3. Десять. Число свободы, 50'
4. Замысел богов, 50'
5. Воображаемые числа. Числа небес, 50'
The creators of Numbers documentary focused on five numbers that have led to new discoveries in the realm of math and also propelled civilization forward. The numbers π, ∞, x, 0, i were invented through efforts of scholars in their pure pursuit of knowledge and represent a crowning achievement of intelligence. This documentary will illustrate the beauty of mathematics and its intrinsic meaning.