Country, year: Germany, 2012
Genre: Documentary
Director: Juergen Klimmeck
Time: 53
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
Experience a virtual Bahamas dream in 3D. The turquoise blue sea, glittering in the sunlight, invites us to explore its secrets. From the depths, the mysterious contours of a huge, sunken ship appear. Nature has already begun to fill the empty decks and cabins with new, magnificent life. Its labyrinthine cavities provide a welcome home for countless fish. The reefs of the Bahamas are famous for their unusual formations. Colourful gems of coral lie scattered – separated from each other by sand canals. Have you ever heard of an underwater gardener, whose work it is to support these reefs in their regeneration? His innovative coral farming techniques contribute to the afforestation of ailing reefs around the world. A job with prospects! Accompany us on an extraordinary subterranean voyage to the still largely unexplored cave systems of the Bahamas. The crystal clear waters allow an unimpaired view of the naturally formed limestone – both magical and mysterious.