Country, year: The Netherlands, 2018
Genre: Comedy, Cuisine, Drama
Director: Anne de Clercq, Pieter van Rijn, Frank Krom
Time: 10 x 44'
Format: FULL HD
Release date: 12.04.2019
Now, officially divorced, Soof and Kasper are trying to find a way of living their new lives. Despite new easier-to-manage living arrangements, Soof is living in the apartment on the first floor above her restaurant, Kasper in the top apartment and the kids in between, the kids are better at adapting to the new situation than they are. Although it seemed the ideal solution, both financially and for the kids, it is not without its struggles. How do you deal with your ex bringing home his dates? And of course, everyday life continues with its normal challenges, like having a teenage daughter and an intervening mother.