ALICE & LEWIS Season 1

Country, year: France, 2020
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Entertaining, Knowledge
Director: Bernard Ling
Time: 52 x 12'
Target: 4 - 8
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 01.03.2022
A new adaptation of the world famous book by Lewis Carroll about the instructive adventures of the girl Alice and the cat Lewis in Wonderland and the modern real world.
Six-year-old Alice has found a magic key that leads her to Wonderland. In this “other realm”, she’s met an endearing rabbit, Lewis, and the two have become fast friends – best friends, to be exact! Alice loves going to Wonderland and teaming up with Lewis and her other friends, even if it means contending with the whimsical, hotheaded Queen. Each episode entails a visit to Wonderland, where Alice experiences a wacky adventure with Lewis, confronting the crazy, eccentric rules and conventions that reign supreme in this parallel Kingdom. Alice’s adventure always begin in the “real world” where she is faced with a particular situation. Her far-fetched experiences in Wonderland lead her to a positive outcome or gain insight which help her to resolve this dilemma and thus she, at the end of each episode, returns happily to the real world.