Badanamu Cadets

Country, year: USA, South Korea, 2019
Genre: Education, Knowledge, Musical, Adventure
Director: Joey Lee
Dubbing voices: , , , ,
Time: 52 x 12'
Target: 3 - 6
Release date: 10.12.2020
New adventures of the popular heroes by the "2019 Korea Education Brand" Grand Prize winners. A dynamic storyline combined with educational elements develop imagination and curiosity in children.
Invent. Explore. Protect. Badanamu Cadets! Meet the Badanamu Cadets- a team of 6 spunky, creative, and intrepid heroes-in-training! While studying under the ingenious Professor Pip and his team of Eccos, the Cadets learn everything they need to know to protect Badanamu from the forces of chaos. Through thrilling adventure and awesome inventions, viewers join our hero, Bada, and a team of his brave, hilarious, and energetic friends as they work together to protect the balance of nature in their world. Combating the scheming plots and dark plans of the always determined Grumbles, our heroes never meet a challenge they can’t overcome, a mystery they can’t solve, or a disaster they can’t avert. Each story is chock full of action, humor, and surprise. Viewers will be whisked along for the ride with the heart-thumping adventure of every episode! And not to forget the educational side of viewing, subtle STEAM learning moments can be found woven throughout the narrative of each episode-- instilling education without losing momentum in the exciting arc of the story.