“Space Ranger Roger” doubles the number of subscribers to its YouTube channel

Over the past year, the number of subscribers to “Space Ranger Roger” official YouTube channel has doubled. For the first two years after the release this indicator showed healthy stable growth.

The leap occurred in October 2019. The curve continued to rise sharply and within just one year it moved from 113,000 to 254,000 subscribers. The total number of views has increased from 90,450,000 last Autumn to current 165,000,000.

The preschool animated show has been produced by the Canadian DHX Media (Wild Brain Ltd). It consists of 12 episodes and covers the adventures of a brave little alien who helps people on Earth in various difficult situations.

The show premiered in 2017 in the United States. Since then, the series has been released in 24 countries, including Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.