Mega Man Goes Live-Action

Capcom, videogame developer and Mega Man franchisor, announced that a live-action film production based on the superhero series is progressing. The project idea was first aired in 2015 and now it looks like some really big changes are on the way. The film directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost shared that they are bringing in Mattson Tomlin, the new “Batman” film screenwriter, to mend the script.

"We had such a great time working with Mattson on Project Power that we invited him in to help us out with Mega Man. We are super excited about it. I think we’re going to have some big news about it soon. I can’t say all that much right now, but it’s a project very near and dear to our hearts and we’re psyched," – Joost commented on IGN Comic-Con livestream.

Mega Man was developed by Capcom in 1987 as a character of the namesake videogame which instantly went upscale in Japan and abroad. Three years later he appeared in animated series for children and teenagers.

The robotic superhero gained exceptional popularity among videogames and animation fans worldwide. Capcom strongly believes that live-action film will bring Mega Man even more admirers.

Source: ign.com