CLS MEDIA has acquired all media rights on BADANAMU CADETS and BADANAMU STORIES

CLS MEDIA has acquired all rights to the series BADANAMU CADETS (52x13 - Calm Island - USA, South Korea 2018) and BADANAMU STORIES (52x11 - Calm Island - USA, South Korea 2019), which are being a part of a global entertainment and educational program for preschoolers.

Both series tell about the adventures of Bud and his loyal and brave friends Pogo, Curly and Jess the penguins. The series are boasting theatrical quality animation, fun storylines, loveable characters and catchy songs, that is sure to delight kids and their families too. The themes our stories explore are central to the lives of preschool children but are filled with wonder and excitement. Whether it’s a walk in the rain, bath time, or planting a garden, ordinary happenings in Badanamu always burst with extraordinary fun. In Badanamu, learning and fun exist in perfect harmony. Through complete story engagement, young viewers soak up important social, emotional, and practical lessons.


“Badanamu” was created in 2011 as a video-based preschool learning program, launching across top VOD platforms, including YouTube, Alibaba, Roku and Tencent, in 2013. To date, over 300 educational videos on YouTube alone have received over 2 billion views on the channel with 2.7 million subscribers. The TV series have been sold to the world's leading TV channels and online platforms.