"Super Zach" premiered on the Carousel TV channel

A colorful animated series about a little superhero bear who gains its strength by eating healthy food.

In the peaceful town of Storia, a friendly family of three bears lives in a cozy house. Big and strong daddy Bear, kind and slender mommy Bear and baby Zach is a cute and inquisitive bear cub.

It looks like an ordinary family, but in fact this is a family of superheroes, and they have a very important mission. When trouble strikes the city and someone needs help, Super Zach appears! Recharged with strength from his mother's mouth-watering and healthy dishes, he battles the insidious Doctor Leo to save the civilians of Storia. The beautiful town will always be protected if Super Zach is on guard!

Watch the premiere of the animated series from 23 June on weekdays at 10:25 on the air of the Karusel TV channel.

Based on materials from Karusel TV channel