CLF partners with Hahn Film and Toonz to tell the untold stories of 1001 Nights

The classic Arabian Nights stories will soon be seen in the CGI animated format. Independent production company Chocolate Liberation Front (CLF), Germany’s Hahn Film and Toonz Entertainment in India are co-producing this new series named 1001 Nights: The Untold Stories for the 9-12 year olds.

CLF producer,Dan Fill said: “Companies generally don’t make shows like this anymore. It really has everything: magical creatures, seafaring adventures, huge musical numbers, a cast of nearly a hundred characters and some top shelf visual effects.  It really is an epic show.”

The series will have 26 episodes of 24 minutes each, of which the first thirteen episodes will launch in early 2016. It will feature stories based on the brave teen Sherazade who’s on a quest to help her friend Karim who has been unjustly dethroned by his own brother. An evil spell was cast and he has been turned into a big blue hairy monster, leading the two friends to escape from the Golden City and set off to find a cure for Karim.

The journey takes the duo across mystical lands and mysterious islands – full of wizards, mythical creatures and flying carpets. Along the way Sherazade and Karim encounter legendary characters such as Aladin, Sinbad and Ali Baba and they even befriend a genie called Halil who serves to guide them.

CLF producer, Frank Verheggen said,“Hahn Film’s stunning 2D design work set the tone for our end of the production. The sets are incredibly detailed and ornate, the characters are beautifully realized, the voice performances are terrific. We spared no expense in the follow up to our Figaro Pho TV series. We are really proud of it.”

“1001 Nights is a wonderful show. Hahn Film set a high benchmark in their design quality which Toonz has translated beautifully into our production quality and we are absolutely happy with our work”, said Toonz Entertainment CEO P Jayakumar.

1001 Nights: The Untold Stories is produced for Network Ten (Australia), ARD represented by RBB (Germany) and is being distributed by Telepool/Global Screen. This visually stunning CG animated series bristles with suspense, excitement and magic as the friends journey to find the Tree of Life.

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