Heroes of the British animated series will sing in Russian

In spring, the Russian TV channels will host the premiere of two animated series for preschoolers-"Daisy and Ollie" and "Pip Ahoy!". Both cartoons are created by the British animation studio CHF Entertainment and have already gained great popularity among the English kids and their parents.

"Daisy and Ollie" - animated series about the fun Adventures of Curious whyer, who ask themselves and others a thousand different questions and find answers to them. Perhaps every child can find Daisy or Ollie inside himself.

Director of programming of channels for Kids UK, Turner, says about the show "Daisy and Ollie": "We are glad that we launched the show on the TV channel Cartoonito. Children are so inquisitive, and we think that anyone who has spent some time with children will be able to see how this cartoon transmits their funny and sometimes complicated questions. We consider it is very important to encourage children's curiosity, and "Daisy and Ollie" is a great example of how children can learn through play and adventure".

The second project of CHF is "Pip Ahoy!" about the Adventures of restless puppy Pipa and his girlfriend she-kitten Alba. Salty Bay is a place where the life bubble over with vivid adventures, and our heroes are busy with fascinating travels and discoveries.

The premiere of the series "Pip Ahoy!" successfully passed not only at home in the UK.  The project is very well shown in China, started last summer on many online platforms and IPTV.

"We are very happy to work with Yecheng, Wings Media (SMG) and China Telecom on this attractive and dynamically growing market. We have received excellent reviews of the series, which are very conducive to the interest in licensing and merchandising. The project has a very promising start, said Jenny Johnston, commercial director of CHF Entertainment.

In Russia, the distribution of the show CHF Entertainment will be the company CLS Media. Work is currently underway to dubbing and record songs.