"The League WatchCar" and "Minifors": are two superhero premiere at IVI

In December, exclusively in the online cinema IVI will be held at once two premieres of full-length cartoons for family viewing - "League Watchcar. Return of the Champion "and" Minifors. New Heroes".

Despite the fact that cartoons have much in common:  This is the production studio (legendary SAMG Animation), and the fact that both tapes were created on the wave of impressive success of the eponymous shows, these are two completely different stories.

"League WatchCar. Return of the champion" is a colorful cartoon in which toy cars of the future, endowed with artificial intelligence, compete in races with high stakes. We are again waiting for a meeting with Gino, the absolute champion of the League WatchCar, his friends and, of course, with rivals in the championship. This time he gets a strange invitation to the new League, which is known for its high extreme level of competition between rivals. Gino comes to see one of the League matches featuring local champion Ken. On the way home, he is attacked by bad guys who steal his high-tech friend - autocar BlueWill. Gino, with the support of his new friends, returns the car and finds out who the organizer of the kidnapping. Our hero decides to take part in the next season of the League, but hiding behind a mysterious mask. The spectators are waiting for insidious intrigues, tough battles and, of course, new victories!

"Minifors. New Heroes" is a prequel to the popular show, tells about the creation of Minifors commands. The team members are the charming fluffy animal, but for their cute appearance hidden real brave warriors. Dr. Jeremy from Minifors Lab explores "ellinium" – an unknown substance containing mighty power. Zeus, the captain of the Lizard Army, is considering ellinium to create deadly weapons against humanity. One day he attacks the lab and kidnaps ellinium. The laboratory of Minifors calls super command - it is our acquaintances Volt, Sammy, Max and Lucy. Anna, the daughter of Dr. Jeremy, joins them. Minifors go to fight with the army of lizards to return ellinium. They will have a lot of trials to fulfill the mission.

Buy cartoon "League WatchCar. Return of the champion" on IVI is possible now.

The release of "Minifors. New Heroes" will be available for viewing on IVI from December 15.