100 thousand subscribers and the Silver button from channel "League WatchCar" on YouTube

The official channel of the animated series "League WatchCar" on YouTube wins its first award - the Silver button, having collected in six months of its existence 100 thousand subscribers.

The Silver button is the prestigious Google award, which awarded to successful channels for a certain number of subscribers, in effect, 100 thousand. Together with Gold and Diamond, it is the most coveted award for Youtubers.

Up to date, the total number of the channel's views exceeded 70 million, and all the children have seen more than 450 million minutes! 

In May this year the Russian premiere of the animated series "League WatchCar. Battle of Champions" came on the STS TV channel, followed by the air, cartoon started on the popular video hosting YouTube.

The show "League WatchCar" has gained a lot of popularity and off the air: stationery products and creativity sets for children's under the brand "League WatchCar" will soon appear on the shelves of shops. The collection includes albums, diaries, exercise-books, notebooks, table-books. And in 2018, fans of the series will have at their disposal school backpacks and bags for shoes with the image of their favorite characters.

In December, the IVI online cinema will host the digital premiere of the feature film "League WatchCar. Return of the champion ".