The premiere of the new adventures of Czech Mole on “Carousel” TV channel

This autumn season of “Carousel” TV channel will be opened by premiere of a new series about the legendary Czech character – the Little Mole. The new animated saga “Little Mole and Panda” is starting  to air at the very beginning of September. This time the animated series of 52 episodes will be about adventures of the Little Mole and his friendship with Panda. There also will be one more surprise for the young viewers: the characters will speak and sing unlike the original cartoon.

The Little Mole is a famous animated character, which was created by the Czech artist Zdenek Miler. Few generations grew up together with this cute character in Czech Republic and other countries (also in the USSR and even in China). Panda is one of the main symbols of China and that is why it was not difficult for the creators of the animated series to choose a friend for the Little Mole.

Interesting facts:

On March 28th 2016 the premiere of the first episode of “The Little Mole and Panda” took place on the main Chinese children’s TV Channel “CCTV Kids”. The show was confined to the visit of the chairperson of China Xi Jinping to Czech Republic, which lasted from March 28 till March 30. It was his first visit to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe after becoming the chairperson of China and also the first visit of the head of Chinese State to Czech Republic after the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations – reports Chinese IA Xinhua.

It is remarkable that the characters in this new cartoon will speak. In the original “The Little Mole” there is only one episode with speaking characters, and the rest of the episodes were voiced by emotional expresses only.

The Little Mole was created by Czech artist-animator Zdenek Miler. In 1954 he got an order for creation of an educational cartoon for children. It was very difficult to choose the main character because lots of animals had already been used by Walt Disney. The reason of choosing a mole as the main character was a walk, during which Miler stumbled upon a small hill, made by a mole.