Aliens and dinosaurs: two premieres for kids of this fall

This autumn there will a premiere of two new children’s animated series – “Pumpkin Reports” and “Go Go Dino”.

“Pumpkin Reports” is a new animated series created by Motion Pictures studio. The cartoon is very popular in its homeland in Spain. According to the biggest Spanish children’s TV channel “CLAN TVE” “Pumpkin Reports” took the second place in TV ratings and was retaining the leading position in television viewing during the whole January 2017, leaving behind many famous world animation projects.

After successful start in Spain, “Pumpkin Reports” attracted lots of children’s audience in the other European countries. Premieres took place in France and Portugal. Also the cartoon was sold in different African countries and Latin America.

This September the premiere of “Pumpkin Reports” starts on TV and digital platforms in Russia.

“Pumpkin reports” is a comedy detective story about adventures of a teenager Max, who discovers that Teresa and Goliath, his adoptive brother and sister, are aliens, who are trying to invade the Earth. Parents do not believe him, the inhabitants of the town live their lives, but friends come to help Max to discover the secrets of this mysterious alien mission together.

Another premiere of this fall – a new animated series for preschoolers – will take place in Russia. "Go Go Dino". A beautiful, educational cartoon combines everything that kids love: dinosaurs, robots and transformations. Dino, go ahead! Together we learn, grow and become true friends!

In 2016 the premiere of the animated series took place on the biggest national TV channel SBS in Korea, and then the cartoon was aired on CCTV in China. Rapidly growing popularity of the cartoon predetermined the production of its sequel and at the end of 2017 the audience will see the third season of the animated series.