"Vroomiz", "Duda and Dada" and "Power Battle WatchCar" will entertain children at the "Multimir"

From May 31 to June 4, the main children's holiday of the summer "MULTIMIR" will take place for the second time in the 75th pavilion of the VDNH, gathering favorite cartoon characters in one place. CLS Media will take part in the five-day festival, presenting its best brands on "MULTIMIR" for the second time.

The grandiose zone will be reserved for the small fans of the series "Duda and Dada" in partnership with the TV channel TiJi. Its central part will be occupied by Pinkar - the famous van from the animated TV series, inside which a real photo studio will work. Visitors will be offered to take a photo against the backdrop of the press-wall of “Duda and Dada” and the TiJi TV channel and in 10 minutes they will be able to pick their photos as a gift.

CLS Media will organize a lounge area as a small cinema, where young guests will be able to watch the premier series of "Power Battle WatchCar" and “Vroomiz. Season 3”, along with the best episodes of the beloved series "Vroomiz ","Duda and Dada","Bubble Marin","ChichiLand" and others.

For the first time CLS Media will present songs from completely new series such as MINIFORCE, LITTLE MOLE AND PANDA, TV premieres of which will be held this summer.

At the same time the children are expected to meet with Speedy, the main characters of “Vroomiz”, and find a bright zone for making photos, while their parents can relax on soft and comfortable puffs.