CLS Media and OKKO online SVOD service launch multi-screenings

CLS Media and OKKO online SVOD service launch multi-screenings of different cartoons at the Central Children's Mall (CDM) at Lubyanka Square. Every day from 10-00 to 22-00 all visitors can watch the popular animation series "Vroomiz", "Sonic Boom", "YooHoo and His Friends", "Duda and Dada", "Bubble Marin" and "Chichi Land" on a big screen inside the food-court of the CDM.

"We do regularly participate in joint events with our partners (online cinemas and VOD platforms) and  provide our animation content for their activities and promo campaigns. For CLS Media, this is a unique opportunity and additional tool to increase the loyalty of our audience for its animation brands. For example, in case of VROOMIZ we are eager to involve our licensees in the marketing program and to create possibilities to present the brand in new product categories" says Julia Skripchenko, PR Marketing Director, CLS Media .

"OKKO has one of the biggest collections of kid’s content online" says Natalia Novoshinskaya, marketing director of OKKO. - It includes famous classics and new releases of content for kids. We also have 3 different types of subscriptions for kids, which include "For the Little Ones". Thus, they can start watching their favorite cartoons in the Central Children’s Mall, where they are always surrounded by a magical and joyful atmosphere, and then bring it home, continuing watching these cartoons at home with OKKO"

"Open Cinema" is very popular among all the guests of the Central Children's Mall at Lubyanka. This increases the loyalty of our visitors, increases the sales and the average visit time"- says Gennady Sokolov the brand manager of of the Central Children's Mall.

A wide advertising campaign has been launched to support this special screenings – colorful and bright banners with popular cartoon characters invite young audience and their parents to visit the mentioned cartoon screenings from numerous video displays of the CDM.

The screenings in the Central Children's Mall at Lubyanka will last within three months.