Country, year: Germany, 2012
Genre: Documentary
Director: Benjamin Krause, Timo Joh. Mayer
Time: 55
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
On the Galapagos Islands, far away from our civilization surrounded by hundreds of miles of water, a plethora of animals and plant life has developed that is unique to the world. Because of its remote location deep in the Pacific, there are few natural enemies for the animals and the flora and fauna has almost not developed at all. The animals that have been living there for centuries are very trusting and have no fear of predators and humans. All this makes the Galapagos Islands a magical place for wildlife documentaries. Witnessing the wild animals in their natural environment is a unique experience, even so when you realize that they do not feel disturbed at all. With the new animal documentary fascination Galapagos 3D you have the chance to experience this wonderful world at first hand! Species like iguanas, giant tortoises that can weigh up to 250 kilogram, the wonderful sea lions basking in the sun, the fascinating world of birds, all of this comes directly to your home with the latest 3D technology.