Country, year: Germany, 2012
Genre: Documentary
Director: Benjamin Eicher
Time: 54
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
The always blooming and evergreen rainforests are on all parts of our earth, on both sides of the equator. South America and Oceania form the principal occurrence, but even beyond that there are large areas that are populated by nothing but an evergreen wilderness. The term tropical rainforest describes an ecosystem that includes a huge number of forest types, from lowland rain forests that stretch up to 800 meters in height, up to the mountain rain forests, which extend to about 1450 meters in height, and the mysterious cloud forests which extend beyond 2000 meters in height. The tropical rain forest has one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. The amount of animals that can be found on a space as small as one meter is incomparable to any other place on our world. The colorful rain forest is one of the most mysterious and unexplored landscapes on this planet. Furthermore, the size of the natural world and animals vary from being the size of a dust grain to sizes that are gigantic in proportion, which