Country, year: Germany, 2013
Genre: Documentary
Director: Attila Tenki
Time: 60
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
Norway is the “highest” country of Europe in north. Its landscape is featured by high hills and deep valleys shaped by the huge glaciers of the ice-period: the fiords. Although these coast valleys are the main attractions of the country they have been influencing the Norwegian culture for hundreds of years by providing shelter and chance of agriculture for the early settlers. They left from here to discover the North-Atlantic area and find Island, Greenland and even America. But not all coats of Norway are rocky and shaped by fiords. There are several kilometres long sandy coasts in the calm bays washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is rich in water: there is snow and ice on the hills, there is rain and there are more than hundred meter high waterfalls. The water influences the climate all over the year and gives chance to a very unique wild life: huge pine-forests where moose, ounces and wolves are wandering about. The film shows impressive pictures about the loneliness of the northern winter