Our Earth - Our Oceans 3D

Country, year: Germany, 2013
Genre: Documentary
Director: Norbert Vander, Peter Baaten
Time: 93
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
What is it, that makes our world so wonderful, yet incomprehensible at the same time? That enables new life to emerge in places that appear unsuitable to support life? How do natural wonders originate? Which forces are necessary, in order to enable flora and fauna to develop in the respective locations we find them in today? For more than 2 years, the film crew of this production travelled through six continents and from natural wonder to natural wonder. Always on the trail of the connections between unique habitats for flora and fauna and the structures of ocean currents, geological formations and climate zones. In doing so, never-before-seen 3D images originated of the most different regions and animals species. Our Earth, Our Oceans is a cinematic ode to the forces of nature and their interaction. And a visually compelling call to protect these forces, as they are necessary for survival – for us and for generations to come.