Fascination coral reef 3D: mysterious worlds under water

Country, year: Germany, 2012
Genre: Documentary
Director: Benjamin Krause
Time: 50
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
The Maldives are often referred to as „The Pearls in the Indian Ocean“. But their true treasures are to be found beneath the waves. Offshore and close to the surface are the coral reefs: thousands of years in the making and as rich in species as tropical rainforests. Oxygen-rich water currents provide an equally rich food supply, which is used by an unaccountable number of diverse creatures. We see breathtakingly colourful coral forests (in 3D), which provide food and protection for small and large perches, wrasses, snappers, puffer fish and many others. We observe turtles searching for food as they swim across the roof of the reef as if we were actually there. Young fish in huge swarms take refuge in the numerous caves and crevices. The blaze of colour of the fish that cross our path is overwhelming, as are the rampant sponges and corals. How did all of this develop, when considering the fact that otherwise, everything looks blue or black in depths of just a few metres? How do the conspicuous creatures manag