Country, year: Germany, 2012
Genre: Documentary
Director: Norbert Vander
Time: 48
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
Africa’s coastlines are long. 2786 kilometres, to be precise. They are quite unique, as those in the west border on the Atlantic, while the east borders on the Indian Ocean. In the middle lies the Cape of Good Hope. For centuries it was the world’s ships cemetery and, second only to Cape Horn, the stormiest cape on earth. Two oceanic currents are responsible for this: the cold Benguela Current on the Atlantic coastline and the warm Agulhas Current in the Indian Ocean. Both oceanic currents influence the wind, the waves and the climate on the coast. The almost Mediterranean conditions provide a diversity of flora and fauna, otherwise unknown in Africa. 7000 endemic plants thrive in the Cape region alone, which even have their own scientific title: Carpensis. In the water it is the same story. The Indian Ocean especially is teeming with animals, including whales, white sharks and sea lions. The food chain is thus complete. The film presents both the extraordinary flora of the coastal landscape and the maritime