World Natural Heritage: Colombia 3D

Country, year: Germany, 2013
Genre: Documentary
Director: Norbert Vander
Time: 52
Format: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
The UNESCO National Park Malpelo is located in the Eastern Pacific, roughly 500 kilometres off the Colombian coast. Malpelo belongs to a sea corridor, which connects other World Heritage sites such as the Galapagos Islands, Coiba and the Coconut Islands. The island, almost 35 hectares in size, is the heart of a nature reserve, which is not recognisable as such at first sight. The nature reserve itself covers an area of around 8500 square kilometres. Ten further, small islands, none of which are bigger than the literal needle in a haystack, are the only landmarks of this region in the vastness of the East Pacific. There are huge shoals of mackerel and barracuda in the waters of Malpelo. Morays poke their heads out of reef fissures and coral caves. Some swim snake-like through the rugged underwater reef. Schools of Hammerhead sharks and to crown it all off, an encounter with a whale shark – for both divers and researchers alike, Malpelo is a true paradise. Add to this an underwater world with exuberant biodiver