"Miniforce" has become the biggest hit K-kid brand launched in China

SAMG Entertainment announced that its popular animation “Miniforce” has recorded merchandise sales of 180 billion Korean won in the Chinese Market. Company CEO, Kim Suhoon, stated that it is very unusual and rare to achieve such a high sales record through a single Kids’ IP in China.

Another optimistic sign is the short time it took to reach the success, considering that the brand entered the market only in 2019. “It is a valuable result of synergy between its IP competitiveness and local business strategy in the past few years when Korean companies’ content business has been difficult”, said the Head of SAMG Entertainment. “We will increase our IP library competitiveness and introduce new business models in various areas”.

Meanwhile, the “Miniforce” series has surpassed 28,8 billion views in China’s OTT streaming services, continuing its position as a top tier robot content and brand in China. Last year it was selected along with prominent global Intellectual Properties such as “Harry Potter” and “Frozen” in the “China TOP 10 License” released by the U.S. market research company NPD Group.

Based on samg.net