“Bread Barbershop”. The 2nd season tops Netflix view ratings

The new season of "Bread Barbershop " scored number 1 in Netflix popularity rating in Korea. It complements the success of the previous season, which aired on the same platform a year earlier. That was when the series entered TOP-10 of the most popular Netflix global shows.

The story unfolds in the nice town where the inhabitants are all kinds of food: cakes, chips, donuts, popcorn, etc. Looking for makeover, they often come to a small barbershop. Everyone knows that the owner, Master Bread, is a grumbler, but inside of him, he has a warm heart. Besides, with his talent as a cake decorator, he can make real miracles and positively change visitors’ lives! With unusual characters and a non-trivial plot, the show managed to find the key to children’s hearts in Korea, China, the UK, Italy, the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. “Bread Barbershop” has a YouTube channel and a TikTok account. To date, the number of subscribers on each platform has exceeded one million.

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