GoGo Bus Wins More Children’s Hearts across Asia

The preschool animation project "GoGo Bus" successfully continues its development on the Asian media content markets. After triumphant premiere in China, the series was released in South Korea, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Releases in Taiwan and Vietnam are now next in the list. According to the show producer’s official website, the total clicks across major VOD platforms have lately exceeded 800 million.

GoGo Bus is an ambitious project by the Chinese media group WinSing Animation. The edutainment episodes are based on the modern Social Educational Learning principles. Such an approach aims at enhancing kids’ emotional intellect and mindfulness. Conscious attitude towards own feelings and other people needs should help children better understand different life aspects and overcome socializing difficulties.

Perhaps, this might be the reason for the projects success additionally proven by the show’s high ratings and outstandingly positive audience response.

Based on winsing.net