The Five Keys

Country, year: South Korea, 2013
Genre: Documentary, Science - Knowledge
Director: Cho Hye-kyoung, Cho Jin-hwan
Time: 5 x 50'
Format: FULL HD
For better or worse, science has played a central role in the life and development of human civilization since man first mastered the use of fire. Now, however, with scientific research and technology developing at an exponential rate the likes of which mankind has never seen before, new issues have been raised. This 5-part documentary series takes an in-depth look at the five key areas of scientific innovation that are likely to have the largest impact on the fortune of our global society. From GMO crops and solar energy to genetic mutations and the way we store and process information, it seems we have all we need to ensure sustained growth and abundance for our future. However, whether or not this does in fact prove to be the case depends upon the uses to which we put our scientific knowledge. All these themes and more are dealt with fully in “The 5 Keys”.