PIP AHOY! Season 2

Country, year: Great Britain, 2018
Genre: Knowledge, Adventure, Musical
Director: Chris Fenna, John Offord, Dave Osbourne
Time: 26 х 13'
Target: 3 - 6
Pip Ahoy’ aims to bring fun and laughter into every home with its mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. Pip and his friends will carry out a rescue here, solve a problem there, taking care of their close-knit community and looking out for others. But this is not to say that the show is anything but warm, boisterous, silly and fun. By land, sea and sky, you can’t help but be irresistibly drawn to this colourful spot – and all the adventures it offers. Pip’s adventurous, happy-go-lucky and every-eager to help out is always first on the case with his Scopey Eye when a new boat docks at the harbour or The Bubble Train comes into view. He and his best friend Alba are the hub around which the stories revolve. Alba is a kitten of about the same age. And, being of the female persuasion, is perhaps a little more thoughtful than he. Everyone wants their holiday adventure in the Cove and we mean everyone… Mice Pirates, Mr Alby Tross, the crackpot Puffins and even Alan the penguin.