PIP AHOY! Christmas Ahoy!

Country, year: Great Britain, 2015
Genre: Knowledge, Education, Musical
Director: John Offord
Time: 22'
Target: 3 - 6
Format: FULL HD
Christmas is coming and as Pip, Alba and Skipper are busy decorating the lighthouse in Christmas fashion, Mrs. Twitcher arrives with a package addressed to Alan Penguin. Pip and Alba waste no time in taking it to him. It’s a special Christmas snowball from Alan’s Uncle Ferris. The excitement soon fades as Alan realizes he won’t be seeing his Uncle nor his cousins for Christmas that year. But Pip and Alba have other ideas. With the help of Esme, a friendly whale, Uncle Ferris and his offspring are towed all the way to Salty Cove in a great big iceberg. Alan, together with Pip, Alba, Hopper and Pasty have a wonderful Christmas party inside the iceberg. The penguins enjoy a trip to Salty Cove, ride the special sing-along Bubble train and see the harbour Christmas lights. But once the fun is over, they notice that the Iceberg has drifted back out of the bay! How will Uncle Ferris and his little penguins get back to their home in the South Pole now Esme has disappeared to enjoy her Christmas? It’s lucky for them t