Country, year: Croatia, 2016
Genre: Education, Adventure
Director: Vjekoslav Živković, Denis Alenti
Time: 30 x 5'
Target: 0-7
Format: FULL HD
Misho and Robin are characters that will surely put a smile on the faces of the entire family. Adorably silly, they stumble from adventure to adventure, always learning something new and always, ALWAYS having fun. With the help of their little friends, they’re educating kids about the great big world that surrounds them. Through simple and playful stories kids pick up the knowledge not even realizing they are learning new things. Misho and Robin take the viewers on adventures involving animals, baking cookies, drawing shapes, as well as friendship, helping others and good manners. Parents can relax and let the kids watch the cartoon without supervision, since it has been made in collaboration with a child psychologist. Join the adventure!