Boonie Bears: The Adventurers

Country, year: China, 2018
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Director: Ding Liang
Time: 52 x 13'
Target: 6-12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
The Bear Brothers, Briar and Bramble, are back, in a whole new adventure! This time, the logger Vick has finally decided to hang up his chainsaw for good, and to do something to help the forest instead. When the new girl Carly shows up in town, Vick agrees to be her tour guide and help her on a quest to find her lost friend Kitty, who happens to be a Siberian Tiger. On the way they endure harsh environments and meet exciting new friends. Join the fun as they learn about friendship, trust, and the values of the world around them in Boonie Bears: The Adventurers.